A research team from the University of Basrah obtains a patent for a standardization and quality control device

 The research team at the College of Pharmacy  comprised from Prof. Dr. Falah Hassan Shari and  The lecturer, Dr. Rafid Abdel-Raouf Dolab, received a patent to enable them to produce a kit to collect cough samples to examine the presence of the emerging corona virus from infected people)  The patent included the production of several samples for collecting cough samples to examine the presence of the new Corona virus from infected people. This patent is one of a group of patents carried out by the research team of the University of Basra under the direct supervision of the President of the University, Professor Dr. Saad Shaheen.  The work was done in the laboratories of the Electron Microscope Unit at the College of Pharmacy, one of the products of fighting the Corona pandemic at the beginning of its global spread to develop quick and effective solutions in the absence of traditional methods of isolating the COVID-19 virus.  The goal of this manufactured product was to isolate the Corona virus by using a special mask containing a swab to obtain a sample without transmission of infection to workers or escorts and ease of use without pain or wound in the nose as in traditional methods and can be used for all ages.