History - Department of Laboratory Sciences

     The department was established in 1999, and it was one of the three departments in the College of Pharmacy when it was established. When it was established, it was called the Pharmaceutical and Supportive Sciences department. It included, in addition to its own lessons, medical microbiology, histology, anatomy, human biology, parasitology, viruses, clinical chemistry, public health, laboratory training, and science. pathology, mathematics and statistics lessons as well as medical physics.
     This deprtment is concerned with the study and research of pathological illnesses, their causes and their impact on the functions of the organs in the body. It is also concerned with studying the characteristics of metabolic processes with carrying out pathological laboratory analyzes. In 2012, the scientific deprtments of the college were split, and the name of the deprtment became Clinical Laboratory Sciences, where mathematics, statistics and medical physics lessons were removed from it.


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