Vision, Mission and Objective


   In addition to its main duties in the preparation of competent pharmaceutical cadres, The vision of the college is to lead and distinguish in the quality of education, production of knowledge, strengthening skills, supporting talent, and community service by maximizing the resources of the college and the requirements of economic development through establishing a unit for evaluation and testing of pharmaceutical and food materials and by opening up to the community to provide the best services and equip the college with modern devices from various sources taking into account the quality approach with continuous and sincere effort by the dean, assistants’ deans, departments’ heads, faculty members, heads of administrative units and staff



   The College works with its management, faculty, and staff to promote the quality of education and keep pace with modernity and development in science and technology to produce thought, genuine knowledge, leadership, and creativity by providing the local and regional community with highly qualified pharmacists, who possesses outstanding professional skills and ethical values that contribute to the development of the pharmaceutical industry, to emphasize the quality of medicine, and to improve the health services provided to the community by developing and modernizing academic programs and teaching and learning methods, supporting various student activities, developing the capabilities of faculty and their assistants and the administrative staff, upgrading targeted scientific and applied research, continuing continuous pharmacy education and sustainable development, and obtaining a distinguished ranking in the global rankings.



 1-Seeking advanced ranks in national classifications and obtaining national institutional accreditation to move towards academic accreditation.

   2- Providing the community with qualified graduates taking into account the evolving needs of the labor market.
   3- Conducting applied research and finding scientific solutions that serve the community and contribute to solving its problems.

   4- Maximizing the financial resources of the college.

   5- Developing and expanding the college's infrastructure to improve its performance, accommodate the growing numbers of students and provide the best services for faculty and administrative staff.

   6- Establishing scientific relations with corresponding colleges in universities and scientific institutions in other countries.

   7- Keeping pace with the global scientific development in the field of pharmacy specialization through the development of curricula and conducting staid research.

   8- Expansion in the field of postgraduate studies.

   9- Supporting and encouraging faculty members to receive international awards in the field of scientific research and participating in regional and international workshops and conferences.

   10- Increase financial allocations to support scientific research, the provision of equipment and conferences.

   11- Developing administrative work by introducing the latest information technologies in the various activities of the college and providing security and protection systems for its information.

   12- Providing the best student services and creating a suitable study environment for students.

   13- Introducing e-learning into the educational process as one of the modern media in the delivery of information, knowledge and skills.