Vision, Mission and Objective - Department of pharmacognosy and Supporting Sciences


     To be a distinguished department interested in the development of teaching staff to raise the scientific level of students to meet the challenges of the future and to pay attention to high quality research with economic benefits to the country, as well as to increase applied research in the field of medicinal plants and drugs from natural sources. it is seeking to open up postgraduate studies, MSc. (Master Degree)'s and studies. 


     Improving and learning of the basic subjects needed by a faculty of pharmacy student in his working Bio as well as his social Bio.


   The department seeks to develop the curriculum in accordance with the development in the world and the development of teaching methods, as well as to develop and modernize the methods of scientific research. The department also seeks to establish a sophisticated laboratory in the field of good plant research and the establishment of a nursery for medicinal plants and aims to open graduate studies.   The department also aims to support and develop the study materials for supporting sciences such as computer studies, medical physics, mathematics and statistics.