Academic support


    1- Providing various counselling, psychological and social consultations as well as helping students with psychological and social problems to achieve them the proper psychological and social compatibility with themselves and others

       2- Instilling ethical and social principles and ideals in students and adhering to university norms and campus ethics:

                - Scientific competition among students and avoidance of fraud

                - Commitment to daily work, attending lectures and entering the classroom before teaching

                - Mutual respect between elements of the educational system

                - The concept of fellowship and its limits

                - Commitment to uniforms

                - Compliance with the instructions and controls issued by the Ministry of higher education

                - Developing the ethics and values of citizenship among students to build an integrated personality

                - Stay away from convicted behaviors such as moral decay, smoking, alcohol and drug use

        3- Rejecting factors of discrimination and not prejudice to religious beliefs or national unity, preserving national cohesion and immunizing young people against extremist ideas

     4- Inform students and educate them and help them deal with pressures to protect them from mental and behavioral disorders in the best way to avoid the occurrence of problems and avoid them by following up and holding orientation and awareness meetings and thus achieving psychological and social compatibility and helping to achieve self and create an educational environment that drives outstanding work and success in it

       5- Raising the academic, research and functional competence of faculty members through the development of the work of scientific and advisory committees

     6- Holding conferences, awareness seminars, courses and workshops to establish educational, educational and academic principles within the educational institution and spread cultural, educational and mental health awareness and mental health culture to the elements of the educational system (teaching, university student, administrator)

     7- Improving the educational and educational process by making the university environment attractive and accessible to education is not frustrating or difficult, but in which the learner is satisfied with his needs and faces his problems and achieves himself

       8- Work to promote sound academic behaviors and to acquire the individual (elements of the educational system) the skill of self-control and guidance, which means reaching him to a degree of self-awareness and his potential and understanding of his circumstances and surroundings in order to provide a state of balance and integration in the management of the educational process and help him to deal with any pressures that may affect his personal behavior

      9- Work on holding joint meetings between the members of the educational institution at all levels of science and administration (elements of the educational system) of two teachers, students and workers to promote the need to follow the academic and professional method in dealing while in educational institutions to perform their tasks each according to its role in advancing scientific progress and for the purpose of drawing the image of a distinguished university academic

     10- Receiving inquiries and psychological consultations raised by the university student and finding appropriate solutions for them

      11- Urge the staff of the educational institution to cooperate among themselves to overcome professional difficulties

      12- Involving students in activities conducted by psychological guidance and educational guidance units in colleges such as conferences, seminars and lectures

     13-Contribute to the preparation of posters and murals and issue guidance and awareness leaflets that develop the awareness of the university student and improve his behavior so that he does not fall prey to disorders or mental and social diseases and others

     14- Providing assistance, assistance and participation of researchers in conducting research and studies that address psychological and social problems and address them among students and develop proposals and recommendations for the development of the psychological and educational guidance process