Vision, Mission and Objective - Department of pharmacology and Toxicology


    Our ambition is to be the leader in the field of higher education and scientific research through graduate qualified pharmacists who have  high degree of experience in pharmacology and toxicology and can provide scientific pharmacological advice as well as follow up cases of poisoning with drugs,  herbs and environmental toxins and follow up the action of medicine in the body to determine the drug dose of each patient to ensure the effectiveness of the drug and reduce the side effects and drug poisoning.


   The department's mission is based on knowledge of the impact of medicines, toxins and certain products on living organisms and on living cells, as well as the study of the harmful effects of chemical, and biotoxins on organisms and the ecosystem.


   1- Preparing qualified pharmacists to provide hospitals, poison control centers and pharmaceutical industries with specialized cadres in various fields of pharmacy.

   2- education s about the proper use of the drug and avoiding their abuse in the community by establishing using media, clubs and society to showing the dangers of improper use of drugs and toxins in addition to clarifying the risks of environmental toxins and their health and economic damage.

   3- Raising the level of scientific research in the field of drugs and toxins and developing laboratories necessary for scientific research while following the continuous development with by the faculty members.