College council

Administrative Certification Scientific title NAME  PIC
Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy Ph.D Professor Falah Hassan Shri
Assistant Dean for Administrative Affairs Ph.D Professor Dawood Chaloob Hillel
Assistant Dean for Scientific Affairs Ph.D Assistant Professor Muqdad Adhab Mousa
Head of Department of Clinical Pharmacy Ph.D Assistant Professor jubran Khalil Hassan
Head of Department of Pharmaceutics Ph.D Assistant Professor Ahmed Najm Abood
Head of The Department of pharmacognosy and Supporting Sciences Ph.D Professor Falah Hassan Shari
Head of Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry Ph.D Professor Munther Abdul Jalil Mohammed Ali
Head of The Department of pharmacology and Toxicology Ph.D Assistant Professor Mohsen Sagier Ghaleb
Head of The Department of Laboratory Sciences Ph.D Assistant Professor Ayad Qassim Mahdi
Head of Quality Assurance Unit Ph.D Lecturer Suha Shial Abdul Hassan
Secretary of College Council Ph.D Professor Osama Ayoub Yacoub
Head of the Electronic Microscopy Unit


Lecturer Rafid Abdul Rauf Dalab