Dean Message


In the Name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful (Whoever works righteous, male or female, and he is a believer, let us give him a good life, and we will reward them with the reward of God Almighty.) Peace, mercy, and blessings of God First of all, I would like to welcome you to the website of the College of Pharmacy. The electronic, bright window of the College of Pharmacy on the virtual world and its distinguished visitors. I am proud of my affiliation with this college as it is one of the modern and basic formations in the structure of the ancient University of Basrah. The College of Pharmacy / University of Basrah is one of the leading colleges in Iraq. Since its foundation in 1999, it aimed to prepare pharmacists as qualified experts to work in health institutions, community pharmacies, patient care facilities, pharmaceutical laboratories, pathological analysis laboratories, and drug factories, as well as in scientific bureaus for advertising and marketing of medicines. It also strives to keep pace with scientific developments and achieve international standards in pharmaceutical education. The college provides scientific advice to relevant state ministries and institutions and the private sector. In addition, it prepares graduate degree holders to provide Iraqi universities and community institutions with teaching staff and qualified experts in the fields of pharmaceutical sciences. Scientific research in various pharmaceutical fields, conferences, seminars, workshops and working to link primary and higher university education with reality and application represented by community needs and global development plans are among the priorities of this institution. To maintain this pioneering, the College of Pharmacy adopted an elaborate and updated scientific study plan, covering all areas of specialization in pharmaceutical, clinical and pharmacological sciences, while providing state of the art facilities from laboratories equipped with the latest equipment to classrooms fitted with up to date teaching aids. Due to its beliefs in the importance of scientific research for faculty members and graduate students, the college was keen to establish laboratories for scientific research and to enhance research and knowledge cooperation between the College of Pharmacy and various other academic and health sectors. At the end, I want to extend my thanks, appreciation and gratitude to everyone who made an effort to advance this academic institution and pray to God to grant success to all for the good of humanity.

Assist. Prof. Falah hassan shari
University of Basrah Pharmacy


The College seeks to establish six approved scientific departments in the faculties of pharmacy and increase the number of pharmacists with pharmaceutical specialties by admission to postgraduate studies inside and outside Iraq. In addition to open a higher studies within the college and to invest in the pharmaceutical lab. The establishment of a unit for the examination and evaluation of pharmaceutical and food materials and openness to the community to provide the best services and equip the college with modern equipment from various sources, taking into consideration the quality of the approach in this continuous and sincere effort by the Dean and the assistants and heads of departments, teachers and heads of administrative units and staff of the College.