The College of Pharmacy was established in 1999 within the University of Basrah in order to provide the necessary needs for the preparation of pharmacists with scientific and technical competence To carry out various pharmaceutical services and is today parallel to the global pharmacy colleges compared to the years of its inception in terms of construction Staff, equipment, level of study and curriculum. The College of Pharmacy started its journey towards progress and development with a diverse teaching staff Which has developed with a total number of teaching staff of one hundred and six, including three professors and twenty-six professors Forty-two teachers and thirty-five teachers. The numbers of students are increasing because the horizons Open and ambitious in order to continue this development. The future vision of the college in addition to its main duties in numbers The College seeks to expand the six scientific departments accredited in the faculties of pharmacy and increase the number of teaching staff members Pharmacological specialties through admission to postgraduate studies inside and outside Iraq where the graduate studies were opened within the college For the academic year 2016/2017 and try to seek the investment of the pharmaceutical laboratory and the establishment of a unit to examine and evaluate the pharmaceutical, food and openness The community to provide the best service and college processing with modern equipment from various sources taking into account the quality approach in that effort Continuous and sincere by the Dean and assistants and heads of departments and teachers and heads of administrative units and staff of the College.