Clinical Laboratory Sciences

It deals with the study and research of pathological defects and their causes and impacts on physiology of human body as well as study the characteristics of metabolic processes with clinical laboratory tests needed to diagnose human diseases. In the year of 2012, the department was cleaved from the original one into two branches, pharmacology branch and clinical laboratory sciences branch. The aim of our department is to graduate pharmacy students with full information about the possible laboratory investigations used by physicians and clinicians to diagnose, follow up and evaluate response to therapy in a lot of medical cases as well as the graduated pharmacist will be able to deals with laboratory equipment in lab. And in higher studies research methodology.

DR. Ayad Qassem Mahdi
Head of the Department of Laboratory Sciences

Branch of Clinical Laboratory Sciences:
The branch was established in 1999 and was one of the three branches of the Faculty of Pharmacy when it was founded. In 2012, the name of the branch of clinical laboratory sciences,
Graduate qualified pharmacist who have the ability to apply all modern technologies in the field of laboratory medical diagnosis.
Creating a university environment conducive to graduate pharmacists distinguished scientifically, professionally and research in the field of medical laboratory sciences and able to contribute to the development of the health of the community.
1- Raising the level of professional technical competencies of graduates of medical laboratories to practice field work in the appropriate work sites for their specialty.
2- Providing the graduate with professional ethics.
3- Training to conduct the necessary medical tests in all fields.
4- Training and qualifying the graduate to work with the necessary skills to work on advanced diagnostic devices.
5- Attention to scientific research and its orientation to provide basic information and solutions to health problems at the local level.