Pharmaceutical chemistry

The Pharmaceutical Chemistry Department is interested in teaching the various chemical sciences in the field of pharmaceuticals, analytical, organic and identification chemistry. The academic staff consists of a group of professors, assistant professors and lecturers who have a doctorate and master's degree specialists in the fields of the department In addition, there are 16 master students in the field of pharmaceutical chemistry. We hope to open the doctoral study in the field of pharmaceutical chemistry in the near future.

DR. Munther Abdul Jalil Mohammed Ali
Head of the Department Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Pharmaceutical Chemistry Branch:
The Pharmaceutical Chemistry Branch is interested in teaching various chemistry sciences used in the field of pharmaceuticals, especially analytical, organic and diagnostic chemistry. To prepare the student to understand the advanced pharmaceutical chemistry that is concerned with the preparation of biologically active pharmaceutical compounds and to know the relationship between the chemical composition and its effect on the various organs of the body in order to obtain effective compounds and few side effects in the human body.
Ambition is to be distinguished at the local, Arab and international level as an institution of a high academic level by providing a high quality of education and to reach a leading position in the field of scientific research related to natural resources of drugs, and discovery new drugs used for treatment of various diseases.
The Pharmaceutical Chemistry Branch is one of the branches of the Faculty of Pharmacy established in 1999 and provides service to the college through teaching and scientific research to provide health institutions with pharmaceutical expertise and competencies and provide pharmaceutical consultancy to state institutions.
Graduate qualified pharmacists with knowledge in pharmaceutical chemistry and conduct different scientific researches in this field of with cooperation with other entities and foundations for enhancing and discover new drugs entity.

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