Clinical pharmacy

Clinical Pharmacy Department is one of the departments of the Faculty of Pharmacy established in 1999. The department was combining with pharmaceutics department but then separated. Even this branch is new, when compare with others, but it presents a very important role during for students during academic study and after graduate in private work “pharmacies” and general “hospitals”.
The main role of Clinical Pharmacy department is to teach the students about different diseases of systems of human body, how to diagnose and how to choose the best treatment for them with fewer side effects, less economic cost and better result for patients. Also dealing with OTC drugs (over the counter that could prescribe by the pharmacist himself and not need for physician referral) and choosing the best one. Ethics of pharmacy and the humanity in dealing with patients also taught in this department.
In addition to summer pharmacy training that done in summer holiday for 3rd and 4th stage students to overcome the drugs in pharmacies and know almost information about medicines.
DR. jubran Khalil Hassan
Head of the Department of Clinical Pharmacy

Clinical Pharmacy Department
The department was established since the establishment of the Faculty of Pharmacy in 1999 where it was integrated with the branch of pharmaceutics under the name of pharmaceutics and clinical pharmacy until 2012 where the two departments were separated.
The establishment of the branch stemmed from the urgent need for applied clinical sciences in the community and applied to health reality. Where the branch is concerned with the application of a comprehensive quality system in all its administrative, educational and research systems in order to achieve its vision to be a center and reference for development and provide education, clinical training and therapeutic and preventive care to serve the community.
Educating students and training them clinical and therapeutic skills using excellent educational programs and high quality and seeking to develop a clinical health reality in the community,
1- Preparing pharmacists with a high level of scientific and competence in the field of clinical pharmacy.
2- Training and preparing students to apply pharmaceutical sciences to clinical reality and training them the communication skills between the pharmacist on the one hand and the patient and the medical staff on the other.
3- Seeking to apply the principles of clinical pharmacy in health institutions to achieve the principle of optimal use of the drug.
4- Cooperation with the health authorities in order to improve the health reality.
5- Preparing proposals and clinical studies that will improve the pharmaceutical reality in Ira