Vision, Mission and Objective-The electron microscope unit


        To rise to the level of units globally in terms of the quality of the devices used and the scientific staff specialized in the work and the quality and accuracy of the results by all standards and prove them in more ways than one.



        Work to be one of the most important means of developing scientific research for different disciplines and linking them with the need of society in obtaining accurate analysis in diagnosis and work, also training and workshops for researchers, students and specialists in all fields on electronic microscope technology



           Organizing general and specialized courses, seminars and workshops for students, researchers and specialists in all fields at Basra University and Iraqi universities and communicating with international universities to improve the level of unity as follows:

      1- Contribute to supporting the educational process in the areas of unit specialization.

      2- Providing the necessary services to companies and factories.

    3- To contribute effectively to the support and development of scientific research in universities and research centers.

     4- Leadership in the examination and analysis of nano-samples at the nanolevel and in biological and non-biological scientific disciplines.

     5- support analysis of samples in the medical, industrial and agricultural field..

     6- Develop solutions to all problems that cannot be solved in traditional ways in all areas.