Pharmacology and Toxicology - Pharmacy

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Asist Prof. Dr. Azza Sajid Jabbar Dhahi Alkinany


Pharmacology and Toxicology Department is one of the Departments of pharmacy college, it aims to introduce many services to the educational institutes in the field of teaching and scientific researches through different topics that are taught by the department during two semesters, ? The department is interested in teaching different scientific topics that highlight the following : 1-The study of physiological function of the body systems as well as the disorders that may occur. 2-The study of the classifications and types of drugs and the system they work on. 3- The study of mechanism of the drugs actions ,the side effects and drug interactions, 4-Study of pharmacological doses and the effects of high doses of pharmacological and toxic effect of various chemicals. These different topics meet the requirements to graduate students efficient to work in different health and educational institutes.


karmat ali campus basrah city- Iraq

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