Clinical pharmacy - Pharmacy

Chairman Name

Asist. Lecturer Noor M. Abdulrahman


This department contains lecturers who get the Master degree and Ph.D in clinical pharmacy. These teachers teach and inform the students about different diseases of systems of human body, how to diagnose and how to choose the best treatment for them with fewer side effects, less economic cost and better result for patients. The subject that studied in this dept. is different but all related to the role of clinical pharmacist in pharmacies, hospitals and specific centers (dialysis unit, intensive care unit, etc.) such as therapeutics, therapeutic drug monitoring, communication skills and pharmaceutical ethics. In addition to summer pharmacy training that done in summer holiday for 3rd and 4th stage to overcome the drugs in pharmacies and know almost information about drugs. There is higher education/ master degree in pharmacy in this dept. and hope in future to open Ph.D study in clinical pharmacy specialty. Our view: We see a time when precise therapeutics—used safely and effectively—improve the health of people everywhere.


karmat ali campus basrah city- Iraq

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