quality assurance

Quality Division:

     The Quality Committee at the College of Pharmacy in 2010 formed the first building block of the Quality Division, where the committee was composed of representatives of scientific and administrative affairs, the Internet, the media, the committee’s reporter, and the tasks were distributed to the members of the committee, each according to the powers and according to the minutes of the meeting held weekly. After that, the Quality Division was formed in the college under an administrative order headed by a teacher (PhD) who performs the tasks of the director of the division with two employees for the purpose of carrying out the work and tasks of the division and following up with all scientific branches. It is directly linked with the Studies and Planning Department / Department of Quality Assurance and University Performance in the Presidency of the University, and all reports related to the implementation of the quality system are evaluated through periodic meetings in the Presidency.

Quality Division work:

     1- Spreading the culture of quality in the college.

     2- Evaluating the quality level of performance in the college and administration through (the evaluation file for the performance of colleges and institutes) annually.

   3- Working on implementing and following up the academic evaluation and accreditation (through qualitative standards and quantitative indicators to ensure quality and academic accreditation.

    4- Determining the possible areas of improvement and proposing the necessary projects to achieve them through the (college self-evaluation file).

     5- Contribute to solving problems that hinder the educational process.

     6- Carrying out other tasks assigned to the quality unit with regard to quality and its application

     7- Achieving effective and continuous supervision of education.

     8- Documenting all the scientific and cultural activities carried out by the college.

The future vision of the Quality Division:

     1- Encouraging the employees of the college to take the initiative to suggest projects and help them in activating those suggestions.

     2- Providing all the necessary facilities for all work teams based on the application of quality.

    3- Documenting the implementation efforts and submitting them to the Quality Assurance and University Performance Department in the Presidency.

     4- Continuous collection of data and information on all activities of interest to quality in the college.

     5- Preparing periodic reports on the level of performance.

      6- Follow-up on the progress of the citizen of excellence in the college.

      7- The participation of all employees in the college because each individual is aware of his role in his responsibility for development.

      8- Consolidating the idea of ​​commitment to the quality system among all employees of the college.

      9- Helping to achieve educational goals.

Quality Division Staff:

      Dr. Suha Sheyal Abdel Hussein, responsible for the Quality Division.